Ludum Dare statistics

Author: Martijn Frazer

Last updated: March 8, 2015


I've never participated in a Ludum Dare, but I've been looking for a chance to take part for about a year now. I think I'll be able to join in the upcoming LD #32 though. It's currently only about a month away, so I'm started to get excited about it. I wanted to prepare myself a bit by looking into the history of Ludum Dare. Sadly, I couldn't really find any good numbers and statistics for past events. So I decided to gather my own.

Using Ludum Dare's website, I've been able to piece together all the participants from earlier LDs up until the most recent one. Sadly, I could only find the entries from Ludum Dare #10 onwards, so my stats don't include any data from the first 9 events. If anyone has any info on these early LDs, please let me know! I also didn't include any of the Mini LD's. I might add them in the future, but for now, I'm focusing on the main events.

After collecting everything into a little database, I turned the resulting records into the charts below. In total, there are:

Number of entries

Total entries for the compo

Total entries for the jam

Distribution of entries

Distribution of entries over the year for compo

Distribution of entries over the year for jam

First time users

Number of users who have never taken part in an earlier LD, as percentage of the total number of entries for each event.

% of new users for the compo

% of new users for the jam

Number of times participated

Number of times users have participated in a compo

Number of times users have participated in a jam